The Research Committee continues to inspire members to read about and research the topics that impact teaching and learning.  The Kappan Magazine with its discussion guides provide a great springboard for the research committee.  Additionally, the topics offer opportunities for rich membership conversations.  AU-PDK members participated in a series of robust discussions during chapter meetings.  Some of the topics included:  

  • What is the impact of technology on Student learning?
  • How have Student Learning Objectives in the state of Maryland impacted student learning and achievement?
  • How are our students performing with the new test Partnerships in Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)?
  • What are schools doing to prepare students for this new test?  Will teaching Common Core prepare students to think critically and be creative problem solvers?
  • What is the public saying about our schools?  What can we learn from the results of the Gallup Poll? How can we use this data to improve our schools?
  • What is the current status of teacher education programs in local universities?  
  • Should our advocacy efforts be focused on providing adequate professional development for all teachers? 
  • What role does political action play in education? 

Members are encouraged to review information at the following websites to help gather additional ideas for research: